Below are a few useful apps to get more responses from your customers. Choose the Android apps that matches your profession.

Tutors: Teach & Earn.
Teach English, Maths, Computers or any subject you are good at.
You can earn $10 - $20 per hour.

Earn Money App. [part-time]
Free & Paid Schemes that works.
Join these schemes to have extra income.

Play Chess Game.
3 Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard
Play unlimited on your mobile.

Health and Fitness app.
Learn how to loose weight.
How to live 10 yrs extra in good health.

Kids Learning and Fun.

Product Marketing App.

  • 1. Softtank Tutor app for tutors and students to learn and teach.
    Distribute this app to your students and teachers. Download Tutor app.
  • 2. Wait we are creating more apps.
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Search Tutors and earn hourly
(Set your hourly rate.)
Search Doctor
Find Doctors in your Locality.
Search Shops
Tell about your Shop in your locality.